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Sikh Cyber Museum is a non-commercial educational project that focuses on Anglo Sikh history. Aim to enhance and enrich relations. Aims to enhance and enrich relations between Sikhs and the general community, through the use of World Wide Web.

The project will cover Pre-Post British Raj. We have a particular interest in obtaining information on geographic reports, historical observances, laws and policies and Sikhs in the commonwealth.

All information will be referenced to the sources (with prior permission) and where appropriate web addresses and other details will be given allowing visitors to search sites that may contain more detailed accounts, as well as promoting collectors and collections. Creating an aid to researchers, students and collectors who wish to gain further information.

The project has been approved and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham as a resource education programme.

If there are any further questions concerning the project, or if you require further information please contact Taranjit Singh (Curator) or Barinderpal Singh (ICT Support Officer).

Sikh Cyber Museum
Tel: 0121 773 0399 Fax: 0121 773 0699


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