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Sikh Community Health Promotion Project

Sikh Community Health Promotion Project

Achievements in Sikh Community Health Promotion project
Health promotion programmes were run on the radio for a consecutive three years; Over 20 health topics being discussed on to create awareness in Sikh/Punjabi community. Over 80 screening programmes checking physical health have been held in voluntary, public and educational settings. The project has also set up Support Groups for both genders in Sparkhill and Handsworth. SCHPP has made several appearances in local and national Punjabi media. Banners on various Health topics and exhibitions have been prepared by SCHPP. Bilingual booklets, posters and leaflets on recipes, diabetes, heart disease, exercise, alcohol, nutrition and other health topics have all been produced and made available to the Sikh community. The project has established firm roots for better health in the community.


Coronary Heart Disease


Childrens Development & Illnesses
Infectious Diseases
Excercise or Physical Activities
Bones & Skin
Mental Health & Psycohlogy
Nervous System & Senses
Colon Cancer (Digestion & Metabolism)


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