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Birmingham Gurdwaras Capacity Building Project

The Gurdwaras Capacity Building Project (GCBP) commenced on the 28th April 1999 and ends on the 28th April 2002. It is a 3-year Community Fund, funded project. It aims at:

Helping Gurdwaras in developing a clear direction.
Identifying needs to achieve Gurdwaras vision for the future
Assist each Gurdwara to become a key partner in area regeneration and community development.

A summary of what will be done over the 3 years is as follows;


Establish Networking arrangements between all the Gurdwaras in Birmingham. To establish these networks, we will be facilitating the following Sikh Forums/Networks:

Women's Network
Youth Forum
Disability Forum
Professional Forum

Aims of the Forums Involvement and consultation in:

Sikh/Punjabi affairs
Gurdwara structures and processes
Mainstream structures and processes

Gurdwaras will be encouraged to send a representative to each of the 4 Forums and then develop the networking potential of each forum.

Capacity Building of Gurdwaras

To produce business plans & fundraising strategies for all Gurdwaras in Birmingham. This work should     enhance the capacity of the Gurdwaras in order to access sustainable funding.
Management development training for the Birmingham Gurdwara Management Committees.
The project will attempt to get active and effective participation of each Gurdwara in area regeneration,     development and service delivery.


CABBIO Project

This is a Capacity Building By Intermediary Organisations (CABBIO) project. A consortium of organisations got together to put in the proposal to do capacity building.

The Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham, as a result of the Gurdwaras has been able to access funding from SRB4 Birmingham CAN! This project allows the officers to give funding advice and quality development advice to any organisation in Birmingham. The initial funding for this ends March 2002 and is hoped this work will be extended for another year to March 2003.

If you require any further details of the work that the Gurdwara Capacity Building Project is doing - please contact either Jatinder Singh or Harjinder Singh on 0121 773 0399 or e-mail us on



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