Welcome to the Council of Sikh Gurdwaras home page.

The Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham (CSGB) represents all the Gurdwaras in Birmingham. It offers many services and is involved in various projects. CSGB organises national events and lobbies for Sikhs across Britain. We are well known for organising Vaisakhi celebratory events (annually in April) in which Prime Minister Tony Blair has attended and we are in regular contact with government and Sikh agencies. We are one of the leading strategic bodies representing Sikhs in Britain.

We are looking for Volunteers who can offer their time and services to help us serve the Sikh Community in Birmingham

We are looking for people with Various Skills and we can offer experience in a wide variety of settings:

Placments for Students
Opportunity to work on Live Radio Broadcasts
Journalistic Work through Newsletters & Magazines
Art and Design for exhibition projects
I.T. professionals
Conference Administration
General Administration
Fund Raising

All of the above would be subject to time constraints of the individual from a couple of hours a week to block placments.


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